Solar Power Generation


An alternative energy source is solar power. The total amount of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface is about 10,000 times the world’s total energy consumption. Obviously, solar power can supply the substantial part or even all of our future energy requirements if it is correctly and efficiently used. It is therefore people have been paying huge effort in developing solar power technology to provide energy or electricity to the world.

The Photovoltaic modules with concentrators is an emerging industry; many companies are still in the pre-commercial phase, poised on the brink of growth, but hindered by a number of internal and external technological and financial constraints. This trend is expected to become less influential in coming years as the industry matures and becomes more self-sufficient. All these information have predicted a tremendous growth is going to happen in this specific solar industry.

One of our business strategic partners, TimberRock, has developed a solar charging system for green applications. With TimberRock support, Corona is providing the below solution for those users in Asia region.

Corona Solar Power Generator (CSG) System:

Silicon Solar Cell Modules that:

–Reduce cost-per-watt and mitigate financing barriers

–Provide deployments options that are scalable and flexible

–Concentrators available upon request

–MPPT available upon requestCharging Solution for EV includes:

–5kW – 6.7kW of renewable energy generation for the facility

–Four EV charging stations

Wind Power Generation


From an emerging fuel source twenty years ago, wind energy has mushroomed into a mature and booming global business. Generation costs have fallen dramatically over the last 15 years, moving closer to the cost of conventional energy sources. Modern wind turbines have improved dramatically in their power rating, efficiency and reliability. There is huge and growing global demand for emissions-free wind power, which can be installed quickly, virtually everywhere in the world.

Over the past ten years, global wind power capacity has continued to grow at an average cumulative rate of over 30%, and 2008 was another record year with more than 27 GW of new installations, bringing the total up to over 120 GW. The United States passed Germany to become the number one market in wind power, and China’s total capacity doubled for the fourth year in a row. Wind energy has grown into an important player in the world’s energy markets, with the 2008 market for turbine installations worth about €36.5bn.

Wind energy is the only power generation technology that can deliver the necessary cuts in CO2 in the critical period up to 2020, when greenhouse cases must peak and begin to decline to avoid dangerous climate change. The 120.8 GW of global wind capacity will produce 260 TWh and save 158 million tons of CO2 every year.

Corona provides the below Wind Power Generation solution:

Corona Wind Power Generator (CWG) System:

–High-efficiency Bearing Design

–Slow Wind Energy Harvesting

–1KW~10KW power output

–MPPT available upon request

–Vertical & Horizontal Wind Collectors available upon request

–Four EV charging stations