Example Configuration – Audio Processor

Do you need to manufacture an Audio Processing Unit?

Steps involved in developing a Audio Processing unit:

  1. Market research – a look at other similar products.
  2. Client requirements – What functions do you need, and how complex are the functions? What effects do you need?
  3. Device complexity – how complex would you need the functions to be?
  4. Ongoing development – during development, we will continue to keep in close contact with the manufacturer with our progress.

What suggestions and solutions can we provide for the manufacturer?

  1. IC Chip suitability – based on the client requirements, we can choose the best IC chip to use for the application, considering things like size, price and functionality.
  2. Integration – with our knowledge of selected MCUs, and quality components we can be sure to come up with an integrated solution for your product.
  3. Pricing – we can figure the most affordable price package for you to keep your production costs low.