Main Features (SAM 5000 Series)

Two Separated Channels for Different Inputs

Mic Channel

  1. Provides individual three-band Equalizers and Reverb effect
  2. Individual Volume controls

Guitar/Instrument Channel

  1. Channel for input from guitar or electronic musical instrument
  2. Eight types of Guitar Style Selection, including:
    • Clean, Overdrive, Distortion, Grunge, Metal, Super drive, Blues and Funk
  3. Three-band Equalizers
  4. Digital Modulation Effects
  5. Four types digital effects
    • Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo and Phaser
  6. Separate Delay/Reverb effects from the modulation effect, including:
    • Tap Delay, Spring Reverb, Plate Reverb and Hall Reverb
  7. Foot-switch, as an on/off switch for effects and can be used for mute off


  • Tune your guitar by the tuner in the amplifier

Stereo Aux Input

  • Connect mini-stereo jack from MP3 player of CD player which allows stereo playback function for microphone in or guitar/ instrument input together. Volume button is provided to adjust the playback volume separately

Headphone Output

  • A headphone jack is provided for headphone audio out

Optional Features

  1. Different style rhythm drum track with tempo control
  2. Guitar Amplifier Cabinet Simulation
  3. USB recording to computer software
  4. Support SDCard with FAT16 or FAT32 file systems, For rhythm drum track storage
  5. Ethernet connection
  6. Up to 192kHz S/PDIF interface (IEC60958) with clock recovery (concurrent IN/OUT)


主要特點 (5000系列)



  1. 獨立三段均衡器和Reverb 效果
  2. 獨立音量控制


  1. 為結他或電子樂器輸入而設立的通道
  2. 八種類型的結他風格擇
  3. 包括Clean,Overdrive,Distortion,Grunge,Metal,Super Drive,Blues和Funky
  4. 三段均衡器
  5. 全數字調製效果
  6. 四種類型的數字效果(Chorus,Flanger,Tremolo和Phaser)
  7. 調校獨立的Delay/Reverb 效果(包括Tap Delay,Spring Reverb,Plate Reverb和Hall Reverb)
  8. 腳踏開關,作為效果開關的功能,並能用於靜音


  • 調整你結他的音調


  • 允許立體聲播放功能,連接立體聲接口到CD播放器或MP3播放器等播放伴奏供麥克風或結他/樂器輸入一起演奏。提供音量旋鈕控制播放音量


  • 耳機插孔提供了音頻輸出到耳機


  1. 不同風格的伴奏鼓組
  2. 結他喇叭音箱模擬
  3. USB介面電腦錄音功能
  4. 支援FAT16 or FAT32 格式系統,SDCard播放伴奏鼓組
  5. 乙太網連接
  6. 可達192kHz S/PDIF (IEC60958)

主要特点 (5000系列)



  1. 独立三段均衡器和Reverb 效果
  2. 独立音量控制


  1. 为结他或电子乐器输入而设立的通道
  2. 八种类型的结他风格择
  3. 包括Clean,Overdrive,Distortion,Grunge,Metal,Super Drive,Blues和Funky
  4. 三段均衡器
  5. 全数字调制效果
  6. 四种类型的数字效果(Chorus,Flanger,Tremolo和Phaser)
  7. 调校独立的Delay/Reverb 效果(包括Tap Delay,Spring Reverb,Plate Reverb和Hall Reverb)
  8. 脚踏开关,作为效果开关的功能,并能用于静音


  • 调整你结他的音调


  • 允许立体声播放功能,连接立体声接口到CD播放器或MP3播放器等播放伴奏供麦克风或结他/乐器输入一起演奏。提供音量旋钮控制播放音量


  • 耳机插孔提供了音频输出到耳机


  1. 不同风格的伴奏鼓组
  2. 结他喇叭音箱模拟
  3. USB接口计算机录音功能
  4. 支持FAT16 or FAT32 格式系统,SDCard播放伴奏鼓组
  5. 以太网连接
  6. 可达192kHz S/PDIF (IEC60958)