Corona Technology Company Ltd. – Strategic Partner with


5504FX-EK + Front Panel m1 5716-DK-Rev00 m1 5916PIA-DK-00 + Front Panel m1
Digital Effects Solutions – Cost effective digital effects processing units Sophisticated Synthesizer Solutions for many applications – Drums, Keyboards etc.  All in one development solutions for complex audio applications

Corona Technology has had a hand in developing Sound, 3D and Power Technologies. At the moment, we are focused on Sound Technology, but 3D and Power Technology still remains under our umbrella. Using sophisticated sound technologies in association with Dream DSP and strong supplier relations, we have developed solutions for:

  1. Electronic Musical Instruments and Devices using MIDI Synthesizers
  2. Professional Audio Products that use DSP based solutions such as Effects Processors and Audio Processing units
  3. Karaoke Audio Products that use MIDI Players.


In 3D, and Power Technologies, we have previously developed:

  1. 3D LED Display Systems
  2. Concentrated Photovoltaic based Solar Power Generation solutions
  3. Vertical Wind Turbine based Wind Power Generation solutions
  4. Circuit Protection & Management device based Power Protection for:
    1. Telecommunication,
    2. Data Communication,
    3. Industrial Automation,
    4. Power Distribution
    5. Railways,
    6. Buildings,
    7. Power Generators





與我們優秀的供應商和企業的戰略合作夥伴, 我們已經成功地深入下面的細分市場:





  1. LED Display Systems 電子樂器/設備(MIDI合成的解決方案)
  2. 專業音頻產品(DSP的解決方案)
  3. 卡拉OK音響產品(MIDI播放器的解決方案)
  4. 立體LED顯示系統



  1. 太陽能發電(集中光伏的解決方案)
  2. 風力發電(垂直軸風力發電機的解決方案)
  3. 電訊,數據通信,工業自動化,配電,鐵路,建築及發電機的電源保護產品(電路保護/管理設 備的解決方案)

与我们优秀的供货商和企业的战略合作伙伴, 我们已经成功地深入下面的细分市场:




  1. LED Display Systems 电子乐器/设备(MIDI合成的解决方案)
  2. 专业音频产品(DSP的解决方案)
  3. 卡拉OK音响产品(MIDI播放器的解决方案)
  4. 立体LED显示系统



  1. 太阳能发电(集中光伏的解决方案)
  2. 风力发电(垂直轴风力发电机的解决方案)
  3. 电讯,数据通信,工业自动化,配电,铁路,建筑及发电机的电源保护产品(电路保护/管理设 备的解决方案)